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Complete Drill Bit Set

This set has all the bits you’ll need to complete an appointment

9 piece professional drill bit set

  • 4XC round top -quickly acrylic  removal
  • Under Nail -great bit size to easily clean under nail
  • 5 in 1 XC -use on fills. If any lifting the edge works perfect to cut right thru. not easily cutting a client
  • Rounded Top Diamond -gently lift and pushes away excess grow out cuticle from natural nail
  • Tapered Diamond -gets right on the edges
  • Polisher Sphere -use with/without cuticle oil to smooth skin around cuticle
  • Easy-off Mandrel -sanding bands not included 
  • Fine Barrel -smooth out acrylic 
  • Crust Removal -Cleans all leftover residue (acrylic) for a smooth transition finish 
  • Bit Holders -which also stands, holding your bits in place, ready, organized  and easy get when needed. 
  • Storage Box -keeps them together a a set

**cleaning/ disinfecting your drill bits and not loosing them using @Ang.951Nails method. Video on IG & TikTok

  1. close the  stand (making sure  the bits don’t come out when flipped upside down) 
  2. wash- brush them with soap
  3. rinse well with clean water
  4. put in disinfectant  - accordingly to your disinfectant instructions
  5.  Completely dry (make sure you gently shake & pat them dry with clean towel)
  6. and/or sterilization
  7. insert back in clear clean box ready to reuse 

@Ang.951Nails with her experience, she specifically pick ever single bit & uses these complete drill bit set on all her clients 💜  

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